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Service address wrong, billing address worse

Several months ago we switch service and signed up for business internet and cable TV service....

I have had several conversations about installing the cable tv but the agent insisted my equipment (which Comcast moved three years ago) is in the neighboring suite. Installers came to the neighbor's suite but could not come 20 feet to where we are actually located.

So we still do not have cable but are being billed, at least I think we are because when I check our bill to address; I don't recognize the address listed as it is about 25 miles away in a different city; no idea how this happened. I tried four times to change the billing address, but it was rejected and I got an error message...

This is ridiculous...
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Re: Service address wrong, billing address worse

Hello Mikerhoads and welcome to forums,


Would you please send me a private message with account number for this account and the addresses in question. Also please provide your best contact number and email so I can created an escalation for your request?


Thank You

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