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Service Disconnect - ETF $1400

I am trying to disconnect service due to two factors - moving to a non-service area and the business being terminated.


I have contacted support multiple times, only to be told today that they have no record of my calls.  Months ago I was told that I was past the 50% mark of my two year contract.  Today I was told that I am on a three year contract.  The agent was not able to explain the discrepancy.  The agent then advised me that I should find another business willing to take over my contract, and was no help at all.


Now I have read over the Tems and Conditions I understand that I am terminating WITH CAUSE and that section 5.2(c) allows for waiver of the ETF.


"5.2(c) A Service Order may be terminated by either party immediately upon notice if the other party has become insolvent or involved in liquidation or ermination of its business, or adjudicated bankrupt, or been involved in an assignment for the benefit of its creditors."


I need someone to speak with me that can handle this.  My next steps are to call the South Carolina Attorney General and South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs to file complaints.


Thank you



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