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Run-Around with Getting New Service Installed



Sales Rep: Nathaniel (Nate) 


My company is a long time customer of Comcast. We have multiple locations here in Monroe, LA, and another in Shreveport, LA. These locations all use Comcast for their internet needs. Comcast's fast internet service is great and serves our needs well; however, timely service, particularly new service installs, have always been a bit of a hasle.


In this instance, I'm afraid that hasle would be an improvement. Over a week ago, I submitted an order for new service, in a building that we just acquired. I've been given the run-around for a week and a half now. First, according to my sales rep, my order was cancelled, without my knowledge. Everyone who I spoke to just said that the site needed a survey to determine if the site was serviceable. I explained to each person that the building was directly accross the street from our main office, where we currently have service. In fact, our current service is pulled from the line that is runs adjacent to our new buiding and runs across the street to our main office. Each person said they would send a message to "them" (I've never gotten a clear explanation of who "them" [they] are.) and let "them" know that we need to proceed with this install. I'd be promised a phone call, then nothing would happen. I'd call again...same result. After a week of this cycle, I finally get a call from my sales rep, explaining that the we were past the "survey" stage, but he needed me to sign the contract papers all over again. I explained to him that I was very displeased with all of the run-around I'd been getting, and that the installation of internet service was now holding up two other contractors, which is consequently delaying us from occupying this building. He said that he understood and would do what he could to expedite the install. Yesterday, I get a call to verify my order information. I was supposed to get another call to schedule the install. I asked, again, for the install to be expedited to help make right the trouble I've experienced thus far. I never got that second call, so I called back this morning. The person I spoke with said they had sent a message to "them" requesting that the install be expedited. I received a phone call later, explaining that the earliest install appointment time was a full week away. I explained that a week and a half of run-around leading up to this point was completely unacceptable, and an additional wait time of one week was beyond unacceptable. She stated that she'd go ahead and secure my appointment, but would send "them" a message telling them what I had said. I reached out to my sales rep, requesting help in expediting this install. He returned my call and explained that there was nothing he could do for me. He gave me a number to call. I called that number, and talked to yet another person. This person stated that the previous person had, in fact, not sent a message to "them" like she said she had. She told me that she would send a message to "them". I inquired as to who they ["them] were, and asked if there was a way that they could be contacted directly in order to get resolution in a more expedient manner, since sending messages was either not happening, or not effective. She explained that they could not be contacted by phone, that she was required to communicate by email. She said that I'd have to wait another two hours, and that she couldn't garuntee that they would be able to anything to make this right.


I do not understand why it is so difficult to get resolution on an issue with Comcast. This is a major customer service issue. I know that, in my business, if we have failed to meet a customer's expectations, we must do whatever it takes to make right our error. This has sometimes meant working through a weekend, holiday, or overnight. That is how business should be done. I'm expecting that same level of service from Comcast; however, thus far I've gotten nothing but empty statements without action or follow-through.


This situation is no longer just an inconvenience. At this point, every additional day translates into income lost. Comcast needs to understand that, when servicing business customers, expediency is important. I need resolution on this issue today. I have spoken to our owners, and will be exploring other options for internet service in both Monroe and Shreveport. If Comcast is not willing to do whatever is necessary to get this new service installed by the weeks end, I'll take their inaction as an indicator of the value they place on our business, and we'll begin to look into the possiblity of changing service providers at all locations. Our desire is to remain with Comcast. The product/service we receive is exceptional; however, if Comcast does not place enough value on our business to provide better, faster customer service than this, it just won't be worth the trouble.


I look forward to hearing Comcast's response.

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Re: Run-Around with Getting New Service Installed

I've now waited another 3hrs, for the phone call that I was supposed to have received within 2hrs. I called back and was told that they ["them"] are the "dispatch team", and that the dispatch team had replied back, indicating that the install a week from today was the best that they are willing to do. The person I spoke to first told me that there simply weren't any installers in my area until then. Then, she contradicted herself by saying that there are installers in the area, but they are just booked up. I inquired as to why Comcast would not be willing to do whatever it takes to make this right, even if that means working a little later. She indicated that this was just something that Comcast is not willing to do. I asked who had the authority to make that call. She said she'd put in a request for a dispatch team supervisor to call me....but, that call may not come until another 24hrs. There doesn't appear to be anyone in this company who cares enough about the potential loss of a long time customer and hundreds of dollars per month over multiple locations, to expedite a solution. This speaks volume to the value that Comcast places on my company's business. I mentioned this to the person on the phone, and she seemed indiferent...almost an "it is what it is" sort of attitude. 


Now, I'll wait to see if this supervisor calls or is helpful...or if someone here is able to cut through the complacency, and give resolution. If Comcast fails to make this right by weeks end, they'll have proven that they don't need a small fish like me and my company, and I'll be making the recommendation to our owners pull service at not just this location, but all franchises. It's disgraceful to see such disregard for the customer in a business. I guess Comcast has found a way to maintain profitability without the customer. 

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