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Rock Solid Customer Support Call!

I just got of an amazing Customer Service call this afternoon. It was handled by a gentleman by the name of Everett, and he did an amazing job in helping us solve a problem that had one of our senior executives despairing with frustration.


We acquired a company, and one of their executives remain on our staff post-merger integration. However, he doesn't always work from the corporate office, instead choosing to work from his home office. When we closed down the facility he used to work from, we transferred his account to his residence, but our clerk who did the transfer made a few errors and didn't actually complete the account setup. Consequently, our executive, our AP group, and our IT group were all locked out!


Customer Service Loop-the-Loop:

Various folks from AP tried to contact Comcast, but in each case they were unable to convey the information required in such a fashion as to be able to gain access to the account so the bill could be paid, etc.. As a result, the account would periodically just be turned off at the most inappropriate time, requiring a fire drill to get him back up again.

Customer Service Resolution:

In today's call, I got the right guy (Everett, Ticket# CR735282858) in a few minutes, and he patiently worked with me step by step, ensuring that we verified the account, got a new PIN assigned and sent to the executive, fixed the mailing address, and everything that caused the issue to arise was simply fixed and put to bed.
I've had similar experiences with Comcast in the past in Virginia, so I wasn't working under the assumption that we wouldn't be able to resolve the matter, but Everett and his calm demeanor were what made the difference between a cantankerous and confrontatoinal customer service call, and one in which we simply worked through the steps one by one.

That's the way it's supposed to work, and I was very pleased with the results, as were my colleagues!

Thanks a lot, Everett!!


K Bobu

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Re: Rock Solid Customer Support Call!

Hi kbobu and welcome to the support forums.


I am glad to hear about your experience with Everett. I have passed along your feedback. Please let us know if you need anything at all. 

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