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Really Thinking About Quitting Comcast after only two months!

When I was being sold on switching to Comcast by their sales guy I was promised a whole lot of things that have  not come to fruition.


The final straw has been that when they brought over my main business number from my old telephone company (AT&T) they simply "forwarded" it.  So when customers call my business number it will ring at my office, but if I call out to a customer it shows up on their caller ID as some other new number that Comcast assigned me.


I was PROMISED that this would not happen by the sales guy.  When I call tech support and customer service they simply say "Oh yeah, those sales guys sure are crazy.  They don't know what they're talking about."


To make everything even worse, Comcast sent out a technician to try to see if they could fix this, which they can't apparently. So today i just got a bill charging me $100 for them to try to fix their own mistake!  A "Trouble Call".  It's Comcast's fault not mne, and they are trying to charge me for their own screw up!


I am seriously thinking about quitting after only two months.  Comcast has been nothing but a huge disappointment, and I will certainly be telling this story to every other business owner I know.



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Re: Really Thinking About Quitting Comcast after only two months!

Hello bappelman,


I'm sorry to hear about this situation and the charge for the trouble call. Can you please send me a private message with your account number so that I can look into this issue?


Thank you

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