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Re: My horrid disconnection process and lack of response to clarification now costs me more money

This is exactly what I am experiencing right now.


My Comcast Business Class service started on 01/04/2012. After more than two year, on 10/20/2014, I called Comcast Business Class # 800-391-3000 to terminate my Internet and phone. A lady answered and I told her that I am requesting my Comcast Business Class disconnected. She transferred me over to another department. I waited for more than 15 minutes before I was able to talk to a man who told me that I got connected to the Central Division. Since I am calling from South San Francisco, California, he shall connect me to the Western Division so I should talk to the Western Division Disconnection Department who can help me with my request. To make sure I can call directly should I get disconnected, I ask the direct number and he gave me 888-824-8105.


I called the number and after waiting for about 20 minutes, I was able to talk to Kiowa, Operator ID TD8. He told me that there is a three year contract, therefore I should pay 75% of the contract balance before my services can get disconnected. Also, the is a 60 days notice requirement so I need to fill-out the notice form to disconnect the service for my services to be disconnected after 60 days. He said he will email the form to me in 20 minutes.


After 30 minutes, I called again and I talked to Julio. His Operator ID is Z!3. Since I have not received the form, I ask him to email me a new disconnection form but he told me that he can't help me because Kiowa already emailed the form to me. I ask him to email me a new disconnection form because I did not receive the form Kiowa is supposed to email to me. He said that the form is in Kiowa's computer and Kiowa already filled it out and already emailed the form to me so he can not help me. I had to hang up and wait hoping I will receive the form in my email.


It's been another 30 minutes and I have not received the email neither from Kiowa or Julio.


I feel that I am dealing with Con artists whose intention is to mislead and rob their victims the way these Comcast Representatives are giving me the run around. Is there a Governmental Body that penalize Comcast for misleading and deceving their customers?


Can anyone point me to a governmental body where I can file my complaints about the horrible and disgusting ways Comcasts is treating their customers who are requesting Comcast Services terminated?


Paul Gonzales


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Community Manager

Re: My horrid disconnection process and lack of response to clarification now costs me more money

Hi PaulGonzales.  I apologize for the issues you've encountered with this process.  The Division Retention Team is currently working this issue.  I will update the team with this information.


Thank You

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