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Promised $200.00 Gift Card

To Whom this may concern,


Back in March of this year I signed a new 2-year contract for my business internet and phone service. At that time and unbeknownst to me, I would be relocating to Florida in a couple months.The long story short is that when I arranged to have my account transferred from Michigan to Florida, I was offered by Isiah McKinnin  (Comcast Sales rep) a $200.00 Visa gift card to help offset the increase in my monthly bill as you don't offer the same service in Florida that I had in Michigan.


Well fast forward to today (4-months later), I am still looking for my $200.00 gift card. Isiah handed me over to his manager, Michelle Williams. Michelle and I have had numerous phone and email correspondences for over two months now. She promised on several occasions that claims were expedited and that I should receive my gift card any day now. I have a pile of emails from Michelle dating back to June with these promises.


I learned last week that Ms. Williams is no loner employed with Comcast, so I reached out to the Loyalty Team today (CR # 802744084), they handed me over to the Billing department who transferred me to the credit card company (CR # 872746445). I was informed that no record exits in their system. They suggested I reach back to the service team that set-up my account transfer. I have reached out to Isiah McKinnon. As of this email, I have not received any return response from Isiah.


I typically don't right complaint letters, but I have run out of patience and since I have not able to get a helpful response or any response the last two weeks from the sales team regarding the status of my $200.00 gift card that I was promised. Therefore, I am turning to you as last resort.


Thank you in advance for your assistance!




Gary Cornwell

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Re: Promised $200.00 Gift Card

I'll be more than happy to take a look and see what's going on. Please send me a private message to get started. 

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