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Problems with misinformation from Sales Team

I have been working for over a week to get this resolved. I want to give Comcast Customer Support the opportunity to get in front of this before I take it to the next level (FCC, State Attorney General, BBB etc.)


The issue is involving data lines. I was told by the sales team, and I have emails showing they told me there was not a charge to put data lines in. On the day of my install, I was told "that is not the case and would have to pay for those on my own". So to get the data lines put in cost me $240 out of pocket. I did talk to a manager from the contractor that is selling Business Class for Comcast said "he would talk to someone in customer care". Granted this was Friday afternoon I just want to make sure I am not just getting lip service. I have spent a lot of time on the phone and keep getting passed around and nobody wants to help get this resolved.


I don't want to take all the time it will take me to bring this to the Federal Communications Commission, Florida State Attorney General and Better Business Bureau. I am starting a business and that is what I need to be concentrating on. Can we get this to someone at the VP level to make something happen here? This is about Comcast getting in front of the issue and acknowledging the fact that I was given misleading information. I would be glad to forward the email I got from the sales team stating that there would not be a charge to install data lines.




Dirk Pepperd


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