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Poor customer service

I own a small law firm in Atlanta with 2 divisions.  Both divisions had phone service with AT&T.   When it came time to renew, the reps from AT&T were so poorly prepared that I decided to try Comcast.  I called and spoke to a rep named Lynwood who was very responsive and sent me a contract to arrange for phone service for Division I.  He called and emailed daily to ask for my signature.  That service was installed and works fine.


When it came time for me to add 4 more lines (Division II), Lynwood was nowhere to be found.  He ignored a week's worth of emails and phone calls.  With my AT&T lines about to go dead, I called the "new service" line and spent about 2 hours either on hold or explaining what I needed.  Finally, after talking to 4 different reps I ended up with a gentleman named Ryan who was able to take the order.


Because of Lynwood's poor service, however, I ended up wasting several hours of billable time.  I tried to contact his supervisor, Ken Leboff, but there is no email for Mr. Leboff.


Comcast managed to transform an initially positive experience into a negative one simply by ignoring a customer.  Seems like a strange way to conduct business, but in line with Comcast's poor reputation for customer service.

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Re: Poor customer service

Welcome Attorney JCG.  Thank you for the feedback.  I apologize for the negative experience you've had with adding additional services to your Comcast Business account.  While we always strive to exceed our customers' expectations, unfortunately in this case we have missed the mark. We are continually working to improve the customer experience through our product offerings as well our Customer Service.  We welcome your feedback, please continue to utilize this forum to inform us of your experience with our products and services.


Thank You

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