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Poor customer service

I have a software program critical to my business that has been working fine for a year and now all of a sudden it's being timed out every 10 minutes or so. I contacted the support from the software provider and we ran a diagnositc that showed that it was being sent to an IP address and then being timed out. They suggested that I speak with support at the internet provider. Every number I call for Comcast routes me into an automated menu that tells me that Comcast is having outage issues in my neighborhood and then eventually disconnects me.  This is unacceptable! I need to talk with someone ASAP.

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Re: Poor customer service

Hello pagoetz and welcome,


Ok, so the Software Application Technical Support (SATS) diagnosed the issue that every 10 minutes or so Comcast Gateway (CG) was timing out. So, this means that your your SATS must also have recognized the actual IP, which I mean is between to, the device running the application was using. Could you please supply this specific information to the community so we can assist you further. 


I would also like to request the software application ports that need to be open in order for this operation to consistently operate. I am assuming your are using the CG internal DHCP server dunamic IP address. If you have an application that requires specific ports to be open in order to operate correctly, you can open these as follows:


1. Connect a computer to any CG LanPorts 1-4 Enet interconnect, bring up a browser, type in, using the default  username=cusadmin, password=highspeed.


2. Next click on Firewall link on the left of the GUI, then click Port Configuration tab up top.

3. click the add new button to open the following example device port 5000:
------------ App Name-------public---------private---------protocol--------Device IP Address

--------- type in Port1 --- 5000 5000  5000 5000-- both(TCP/UDP) -------

4. Next click apply, then save

5. repeat steps 3-4 until all required application ports are correctly open and make sure enable box is checked on all ports


Hope this helps you out.


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