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Payments applied to wrong accounts & ACH

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For the April invoice period my company had two accounts, we recently added more. Both invoices arrived and I cut one check for $404.97 and placed both payment coupons in the envelope.


For the May invoice period there was a late fee and a $409.34 balance on one account for non payment and the regular invoice for the other account. I called and was on hold for 20 mins I spoke with a rep on 05.24.16 @ 9:40am . To be advised that even if I put both coupons in the check recieved was applied to only one account. He would have the funds that should have been applied removed, the late fee waived and the funds applied to the correct account. Also I would receive a call when that was done and to pay $205.05 to one account and only $209.42 to the second messed up account. I sent one check totaling $414.47 on 06.01.16 with two coupons as instructed only to find that the second account still has an outstanding balance of $409. 

In addition, I wanted to set up the ACH payment method. However, as a non profit we have positive pay and fraud protection set up on our account. So to stop a rejection from happening I called to ask for Comcast company ID number, ACH number only to be advised that no one in customer service knows that information, I was transferred to accounting again no one knows this information. The list Comerica provided showed 11 ID's for Comcast which we can not authorize without knowing which ID to use to approve payments coming through our bank so we nixed ACH until Comcast can provide the proper information. 

I have advised our CFO of this problem and asked that he not add the 6 remaining facilities until the both issues or at the very least the billing issue is resolved. 

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Re: Payments applied to wrong accounts & ACH

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