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Nothing But Problems - First chance I am leaving Comcast

So I chose Comcast and I should have know better with all of the poor feedback this company gets.  Horror stories etc.  Here is mine.


Decided to order comcast, and it took them a week or two but they finally came out to install.  Except they decided to not get the TV working.  So they had to come back, of course 3 days later on a saturday morning.  I wait, and wouldn't you know it, they are a no show.  a couple days later they came out and fixed the problem.  


Paid bill online but I fat fingered my account number, now I am banned from using my bank account for paying my bill....forever!!!  As opposed to calling or notifying me that something has gone wrong with my payment, then shut me off a week after.  I had no idea that I had screwed up till that day.  So i sent all of my employees home for the day and payed with a credit card, which I have to do from now untill I quit these jokesters.


Also I get intermittent connection losses for like a half second all the time that really drives me nuts. VPN connections drop etc. constant irritations.  


Should have known better!!  Poor Service and I can't wait to bolt as soon as century link catches up with speeds. I am Gonzo!!

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Community Manager

Re: Nothing But Problems - First chance I am leaving Comcast

Hi GFEI16.  Sorry to hear that you have not been able to obtain resolution for this issue.  Please see your private message for additional information.


Thank You

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