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Not Happy with Business Customer Support

The huge storm came through and took down a tree which downed the line. We called customer service right away to which the young woman on the phone said, "They are in your area. I'm sure they will get to you soon." 

I was told that with business internet you would receive quick and priority service. This is especially important for a business person who does 100% of their job online. Thus we pay extra to ensure that we have quality and fast internet. Each day that we are down costs us income.

Thinking about that I was dissatisfied with her response. I call back. This woman was quite nice and assured me that she would escalate a ticket so that we would be up and running this morning. She said that they would call before they came. No call came. An hour after they were supposed to have been to the house I called back. I was told that the service was scheduled for Wednesday. It's Saturday. I've already lost money by not having service. I was also assured that because we were a business that we would be seen before Wednesday. Wednesday, she had said, would have been the appointment we would have had IF we were not business customers.

I explain this to the man who is now on the phone. He sympathizes with me. He tells me that he is sure that it will be taken care of in the next few minutes as he has requested an escalation. He has me wait on the phone. Nothing.  He says that he will "escalate the ticket" and send me an email. I say, "Good thing my phone has internet, or how would you expect me to receive this email since I am needing my internet service?" 

The email did come about thirty minutes later and it simply stated that the ticket had already been escalated. There was nothing else. 

So upon returning home we call again. We are told that they can be there tonight or tomorrow morning. Then he tells us that they are scheduled to come on Wednesday. By this time, we expalin again, that if we have to wait until Wednesday it costs us quite a bit of money as our entire income is internet based, thus the need for reliable business internet service. He says that there is no way to contact the escalation team. We just have to wait until they decide that they want to get to us.

So I look at the website and see that there is not an emergency in our area. Our internet is still down. We have received the run around from Comcast business,and we are having to find alternative services in other places and relocate all of our business materials necessary to work while we wait for them to provide this "quick and reliable" service we pay for and were promised.

Why would you tell someone that we can expect our service restoration this morning and then never bother calling? Why tell us that we are a priority and then give us the run around and not be straight forward and do what we were promised in the first place? 

This is not good for your business nor for ours. We are extremely disappointed.

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