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No ground wire box put in wrong caused damage

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No ground wire box put in wrong caused damage

I live in a townhome comcast has been out over the years to set up my xfinity home before i changed to business class internet. I had my router modem and pc all fried by power suges coming in from the cable line to my modem then to router then ethernet to the pc. i went outside to look and the box was exposed no housing and the ground wire wasnt installed properly. comcast sent a tech out who said they dont do ground wires and left i called again comcast said that wasnt right and sent a tech again he re did the whole box put it inside a protective plastic case and installed a ground wire  properly ... comcast has told me since june someonw would be calling me about paying for my damaged stuff but nobody ever does and i call and someone says someone will call and again nobody....what gives?   No other homes in my commuinty were hit becuse they were grounded and installed  proper.

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Re: No ground wire box put in wrong caused damage

Hello junkstarpunnk and welcome to forums,


I apologize for both the delayed response to your post and for the damages done to your property. Would you please send me a private message with your account information including the date of the incident, good contact number, and good email address to be reached at. With this I can send an escalation for your request.


Thank You

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