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No Reponse at Business Class Support since the 2PM hour today

My Comcast Business Class connection has been down since 2:52pm CST this afternoon.  I have made eight attempts to contact support.  This afternoon 5 out of those attempts yielded "Due to heavy call volume we are unable to take your call at this time.  Please try again later."

The other three times I was on hold for over half an hour.  The first of those times, I was recycled back to the first menu where the IVR asks if the number associated with your account ends in the same four digits as the number you are calling from.  After I went through authenticating again, and got on hold for support, the call was simply disconnected.

The second time I got through, I was on hold for a half hour and my call was again disconnected.

This evening I kept some notes.  While you're on hold for Comcast Business Class support, the hold music is a thirty second loop that begins with funky saxophone.  

The loop plays seven times, then you get a thirty second marketing message.  The messages I listened to during my hold this evening were as follows:


Seven Loops, then Upware Marketplace ad (4 minutes total)
Seven loops, then Triple play ad (4 minutes)
Seven loops, then Comcast HD commercial (4 minutes)
Seven loops then Comcast Digital Voice ad (4 minutes)


(Had to edit the above to remove the numbering inserted as allowed in Comcast's editor, but it produced an "Invalid HTML" error.  Yet another piece of frustration.  Sloppy work, IMHO.


After this the pattern of marketing messages stopped shuffling.  Every four minutes it was the same piece about prices

going up on everyting, but you can save money by switching to Comcast digital voice.  This continued on loops 5 to 11, then my phone died, after being on hold for 44 minutes.


I realize that details about the music loops and marketing messages don't advance any purpose, but hey, I was keeping notes while I was on hold because I'm a geek.  What can I say?


Comcast advertises 24 X 7 Support.  My business class connection is actually for my tech support business, and I often have to call Comcast for clients if Comcast is their ISP.  Ordinarily I have very good service, but today the service is missing in action.


I have a monitor on my business connection, so I know it's still down.  I'm on my home Comcast connection now, and logged into my Business Class portal to see if there are any online options for entering a service request.  Guess what - there aren't, at least none that I can find.


The kicker is that I think my connection should be just fine.  The SMC cable modem was working until I had to disconnect it to reroute the power cable.  After that it simply wouldn't connect any more.

Power light comes on, and it goes through its POST routine.

DIAG light flashes red, then

DS blinks then goes steady, US blinks then goes steady, online blinks but doesn't go steady.

Then DS, US, and onine go through the boot cycle over and over again.


My internal network is working, and I know the issue is upstream of the cable modem, because I can get to the cable modem at  That said, however, unlike my client networks, I can'l log into my own SMC - it won't accept cusadmin as the username and highspeed as the password, even after a factory reset.


And customer support won't answer the phone.

Because of that I lost several hours of productivity today.  I needed to log into a client site remotely and could not because I had no Internet from the office.  This does not include the total of over two hours I spent on Hold for Customer Support at Comcast.

I'm pretty happy ordinarily, but right now I'm pretty frustrated with Comcast's legendary customer service.  Not legendary in the sense of so superb it's the stuff of legend, but legendary in the sense of the Loch Ness Monster or Bigfoot.  There are rumors that they exist, but no one can actually prove it.


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Re: No Reponse at Business Class Support since the 2PM hour today

Hello Coypu76 welcome to the forum,


Sorry for the delay, are you still having service issues?


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