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Need help disconnecting service after move

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Need help disconnecting service after move

On August 21 I called Comcast requesting a move from my old office to the new one, in the same building.  Comcast sent me documents saying the requested install date was 8/24 and the requested disconnect date was 8/26.  I moved to my new office 9/1.


After multiple frustrating phone calls, the tecnhicians finally came to move my service on 9/21.  The technicians tried very hard, but ultimately determined my new office was unserviceable.  Meanwhile, I am still being billed for service in my old office.


When I called and attempted to have Comcast stop billing me for service at my old address, I was told I would have to pay an early termination fee for "cancelling" my service.  I can't seem to make anyone understand that I didn't cancel Comcast - Comcast cancelled me.  


I've asked the reps to have a supervisor call me, but I'm not the least bit surprised that they haven't.  I would like to get this resolved without resorting to further action.


Re: Need help disconnecting service after move

STOP paying the bill.  They will find you.

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Re: Need help disconnecting service after move

Hello K_G_S and welcome to forums,


Has this transfer/ETF issue ben resolved or do you still need assistance. Please send me a private message with your account info and where you stand so that we can get you to a point of resolution.