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Multiple Account Issues

Good Morning;


There are multiple issues with both our account(s), as well as our online dashboard.


I've asked about adding one of our accounts (8993115860145885) to the drop down screen where it says "change account", but it still isn't visible there and I'd like to just be able to set up auto pay from there, like I do with our other accounts.

Account numbers 8499101930020034 and 8499101930022295 no longer exist and should be removed.


Account number 8499101710421642 needs to be 'absorbed' into our primary account (8499101930022295).


Finally, the primary manager of all but the account that needs to be 'absorbed' above is listed as Hans Daas and he is no longer with the company, so I need to know how to remove/replace him with myself. 


Any help in the above would be greatly appreciated!


Best Regards;


Pete Grieves

IT Manager

CP Flexible Packaging

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Re: Multiple Account Issues

Thank you for contacting us about the account, Pete. I need to confirm additional information to proceed. Please confirm the complete address for the accounts. 

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