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Moving to area comcast does not service - $800 ETF??

I called comcast over 2 weeks ago to advise I'm moving to a new location. I was advised by sales that comcast is not in the area but that a survey would be done to see if they could bring service to the area. The rep sent me a new contract charging me more than my current contract. No explanation to the increased rate. I didn't sign it pending the results of the survey and was expecting a call within a week or so to give me an update. Never got a call so I called and was told the survey was never even done because I didn't sign the new contract. By this time I was quite frustrated and asked about canceling my service all together because they already confirmed they are not in the area and that if they brought service they would pass additional cost to me for doing so. No one can tell me what these fees are and I was told when I signed up I would not incur any fees for an address change. All a lie. At this point I want to cancel service as of my move date. I don't want to pay unjustified higher fees and whatever other random fees comcast wants to charge just because they don't service my new area. I'm prepared to contact the attorney general and GA dept of consumer affairs and call the local news station. I can't get a manager when I call customer service. I was advised by a rep today that she would ask a manager to call me but will take 24-48 hours. So much for customer service.
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