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Moved service and unable to disconnect old service for 4 months.



I moved my comcast business service to a temporary new address until our new location is ready about 4 months ago and have so far been unable to cancel the old account.  Each time I call I am generally hung up upon or transferred a few times until eventually someone finds the problem and fixes it, assuring me that my old account will finally be canceled. 


Unfortunately, it is still active and I am still being billed for service that I do not have.  I had this setup on auto-pay, so comcast simply took my money.  Luckily I was able to cancel that and now I am receiving late notices and additional fees for service that I do not have.


It is now time to move my business to our final location and I am not very excited about 'moving' my comcast service again for fear that I'll end up with three accounts that I can never get rid of.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I do have a reference # from a call on 7/28/2014: [Edited]

and another to the retentions department on 8/27/2014: [Edited]


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Re: Moved service and unable to disconnect old service for 4 months.

HI KM1.  The Retention Team in our Business Service Center informed us that contact was made on 9/23 and appropriate updates were made to the account in order to correct this issue.  Please let us know if additional assistance is required for this issue.


Thank You

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