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Moved Locations, New Contract, Now Billing Doesn't Match Contract

We moved locations at the end of 2016. When we went to switch over our internet to the new location, we were told we must sign a new contract. This doesn't make sense to me, it was 4 miles from the previous location. What is the reasoning behind the need for a new contract here? It just feels like another way to lock us in for another couple years. 


Anyway, that's not my main issue. We had a rate locked in before we moved, and when we signed the new contract on 1/5/17 it showed our same rate - after I had to correct them several times, asking for an updated contract with the correct rate. Ever since we moved, our bill has never reflected the correct rate listed on the contract I signed. 


I have called and talked to several people for 3 months now, trying to resolve this issue and get the billing corrected. Each time I'm told someone in Loyalty is working on the case, and that I will hear something soon, but I am never contacted. A week ago I put in a chat about the issue and they said someone would be in touch within 48 hours - no one ever called. Now I have a ticket open, from that time I chatted in, and it took them a whole 7 days to "start the ticket". I called and spoke with someone in Loyalty today and they were very unfriendly and not apologetic about the situation they've put me in. 


I feel like something fishy is going on, and all I want is for my bill to reflect the contract I signed months ago. Please help.






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Re: Moved Locations, New Contract, Now Billing Doesn't Match Contract

Hello Igtemple,


Please check your private messages for an update on your case. 

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