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Loads of Snail Mail (PAPER)

I opted for paperless billing, with special offers and the like to come through email.  I have been that way since I signed up for Business cable nearly a year ago.

So can someone tell me why I still get a heap of mail from Comcast in my physical mailbox?  I just throw it away not very ecobilling is it?

Answers please on how I might stop physical junk mail coming to my address.



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Re: Loads of Snail Mail (PAPER)

Hello farrow and welcome,


The following links will provide you the exact information you are looking for and then some:


Do Not Call, Do Not Mail and Do Not Knock Requests


Manage Your Comcast Business Alerts Online



Hope this helps you out.







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Re: Loads of Snail Mail (PAPER)

Super.  Thanks.  Scoured my account details page and couldn't find anything like that.  I would have thought that if you opted for an eco bill that would automatically stop paper promotions coming to your address but hey ho.

What is interesting is that I dont ever receive any promotions via email even though I have opted in.

Thanks again, appreciate it.



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