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Linked Accounts - cannot see other account

New Member

Linked Accounts - cannot see other account

Our business has two accounts for separate buildings on the property. I have created a Comcast log in and linked both accounts, but I can only see one account. I thought perhaps the second account did not link, so I tried to link it again and got a message that it has already been linked. However, I still do not see that second account. 

Official Employee

Re: Linked Accounts - cannot see other account

Thanks for reaching out to our Comcast Business Support Forums, Kelly.

Once your account has been linked, you can switch from one account to the other by selecting the address of the account you're currently viewing and choosing the address you want to switch to. If you still have questions, send me a private message with the last four numbers of both accounts, your full name and, the phone number listed on each account. Otherwise, have a great rest of your day!