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Last six month my bus a/c been overcharged $70.00 per month !

I found out last six months my Comcast business account been over charged of $70.00 to $90 per month , Yesterday made a call to get help to resolve it ,. expalind to Comcast customner service agent ,ask them to refund the overcharged amount , customer service person mocked me told me ,boldly ! comcast don't give  'FREE MONEY"  ,still I am in shock ! I did not ask  any hand out from you !!! every individual  have integrity and dignity , I owned a small business , how dare you  mock me " Free money" !! it is ulterly an  unprofessional way  ! very disappointed , bulled by , fact is every month( past six months ) for no reason my business account been overcharged ,my bill always under $140.00 , highest $150.00 . I being charegd $220.00 " per month THAT'S NOT RIGHT , I am getting same service , I been told by agent , I can not make any changes in my account untill  make a full paymnet ,I been over charged around $420.00 , robbing the customer and bullying them to pay it , that is not right , I made a change four month back to cut the cost changed TV channel , even after that my  bill starts  to $70.00 more than usual, I called again to talk to  the superviser , I ve been put in called for 28 minutes , then they to told me to get back me same day ! till 24 hours ! no one reache  me out yet , looking forward to resolve this issue to cahge my business account .

Thank you Lyes \.

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Re: Last six month my bus a/c been overcharged $70.00 per month !


Hi Selthasan and welcome to the business forums.


I would like to assist with your billing concerns. Could you provide some more details on these overcharges in a private message, please? Also, please provide your first and last name, the name of your business, the full address of your business location and the phone number associated with your business account.

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