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Just got hung up on

Rep's name was Sabrina. I think I talked to her twice; she keeps telling me I need a static IP.


My IPv4 address changed (I think...) and for some reason my CG3000DCR wouldn't pass the new address down. IPv6 connectivity still worked, oddly. I could still get to any sites that had IPv6 enabled.


I called for help, and I think I talked to her the first time. Told me I needed a static IP. Got off the phone, reset the firmware. Eventually called back and talked to Sabrina and was told that it's already in bridge mode (current IP on my router is, gateway and that I needed a static IP to put it in "true bridege mode". At this point I asked if there was somebody else that could help me, and I got hung up on.


It's late. I had work I needed to get done. Thanks for letting me know I can count on you Comcast.

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Re: Just got hung up on



I'm very sorry to hear about this situation. If it is True bridge mode you are looking for we would be happy to help you with this and also for true bridge mode to work you cannot have a static ip. If this is what you are looking to get done feel free to send me a private message with your account number.


Thank you  

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