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Issues with Business account

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Issues with Business account


I've been a Business customer (static ips, etc) for some years.  Many years ago (maybe 12? 15?) I had residential service, but had it changed to business to have static ips & run my own servers.


Every time I call in for help, I get bounced back & forth between residential and business support until someone agrees to help me.  Recently I have been thinking of adding on TV service, so I contacted business support and was told my account still shows up as residential so I need to contact Xfinity.

Can someone help me work this out to 1) get the account straightened out as business and 2) possibly order tv service sometime soon?  I have been asking questions about the service, and nobody can give me an answer because they can't figure out my account.

Thank you,


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Re: Issues with Business account


Thanks for the private message, Robstarusa. I was able to reply.