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I am a new customer and I am highly upset with your lack of customer service. My rep., AJ Montoya, was eager to assist me as a new customer. But when I had questions after my installation, he never returned my calls. I left him at least five requests to call me back. He never did. I had questions regarding my installation charges. They were higher than I was quoted. This office I am in was already wired for Comcast and it was a simple installation.

To date, there are still exposed wires that should have been buried. The installer said he would send someone out and that has never happened.

When my bill arrived, I contacted your billing dept. about my concerns. They said they were not allowed to make any adjustments to my invoice. They gave me AJ Montoya's manager's name and phone #. I left a message for someone named Rich at [Removed]. He left me a message and said he travels alot and cannot answer phone calls. He works for a communications company and he can't return phone calls??? So who the hell am I supposed to speak to???

I have also told AJ Montoya and your billing dept. NOT to send any mail to my street address. They MUST use the PO Box. I have told them this at least six times but yet my mail continues to come to the street location. Obviously, your people cannot follow instructions or read English!

Please contact me regarding these concerns.

Loraine Turos

Sun Standard Inc.




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Re: Invoice

Hello Lturos welcome to the forum


I just sent you a private message reguarding your billing issues. Please let me know if you have any other questions reguarding this request.


Thank you

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