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Invoice for comcast for DMCA issues

I'm using this medium among others.


To date Comcast has sent me upwards of 60 "notices of action under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act"


The DMCA refers to 17 USC Code 512


The notices sent do not meet the statutory requirement and further threaten (in this context means use of coercion without legal basis) to terminate my service. I have a contract with comcast I am not in breach of it. Via fax (as you specified was an acceptable way to notify) Comcast was served a proper counter notification. I have received 4 more "notices of action" dated after the the 20th of August 2017







These are all incorrectly written and make misprepresentations in violation of the DCMA. Per my counter notice I charge $50 per any notice received after the 20th. Comcast currently owes me $200 for dealing with this. I am entitled to monetary relief under the DCMA and counter notice spells out how I intend to charge


I have had conversations with comcast reps for over a month some of them recorded. Please let me know if you intend to pay and I will provide a mailing address. I will accept cashiers checks, money orders or paypal. Further notices will also be billed. If I am ignored or have to escalate I will seek costs for hourly work and other damages if comcast continues it's unlawful intimidation tactics.




Stephen Dubbs



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