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Insulted when trying to swith from Business to Residential

Hello, so I tried to change my business account yesterday only to be given the run around and be insulted by one of your reps over the phone.


I called and explained that my account had reached the end of the contract period and I wanted to switch my service to a residential plan.   I was transferred to an individual who said I needed to give 60 notice or i would be billed for that time.  I told him i did not want to leave Comcast but to transfer to a residential plan, he said that if i had a residential plan the plan would be removed after 10 days. I said well that’s what I want to do, he said well do you have a residential plan, I said no because I need to cancel the business account first.  He then got very rude and said ( remember this was after 10 to 15 min speaking in the phone) I can't understand a word you are saying, I asked what he meant, he said you sound like you are talking through a pillow and I can’t understand what you are saying you sound funny.  I said I am English so my accent if different than yours, his reply i know what a English accent is and you sound funny. 


The next thing i find myself transferred to another rep whose name was Jason who said he was from residential, So i was insulted and transferred to another dept. without even asking me.   Jason tried to help but was unable to do so because my account was locked by business, I was told.  he said he would transfer me to someone who could help me and then he would take over and finish off my request, he took my phone number just in case we lost connection and said he would call back in 10 min if he lost me.  The next thing I know I am transferred to dead air.  I remained waiting for over a min waiting and nothing.  so i waited for Jason to call back which never happened.


So now what, I tried to call back only to find the dept. closed.  I am very frustrated and sorry i did not get the send reps name.  I am considering in launching a formal complaint unless this is resolved quickly.


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Re: Insulted when trying to swith from Business to Residential

Hello jimyafai and welcome,


Let me first extend my apology for any of the unacceptable treatment you received by Comcast. I offer you the following information for your consideration regarding your situation:


First, if you are planning to keep your business telephone numbers (TNs) and port them to your residential Comcast service, then it would be necessary for you to open your residential telephone account with the quantity of TNs you want to port from your business account to your residential account. Comcast can only port TNs from accounts that are active.


Next, you should call 800-391-3000 at 8:00 AM EDST on April 27 and use the option that says disconnect or remove services, this is the disconnect group and they are the ones that you need to speak with about disconnecting your Comcast business account. However, please make sure that if you schedule your disconnect that you do it to make sure if you are porting any TNS to your residential account, there is enough time for this to be completed.  


Hope this helps you out.

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