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Inept customer service

I started calling the first week of October to set up a smooth December 31st transition, moving from office to home-office and wanting phone calls to my office number to ring into an "office" phone at home after December 31st. I was told what department to call and what to order, and when I did, I was told it was not possible for me to get what I ordered. I started over and the same thing happened again. And again. And again. Now, installation is scheduled for January 5th, and my begging for an earlier date has gotten me nowhere. And no one with Comcast ever even mentioned the possibiity of setting up a recorded message directing calls to a different number during the gap period - friends told me about this.


The above is just the tip of the iceberg. I would love to tell someone with Comcast Business who gives a dam* exactly what I think of their customer service, and why. Does such a thing - someone with Comcast Business who gives a dam* - even exist?

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Re: Inept customer service

Hello tmg sorry for the delay,


Has your new installation been completed yet?

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