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Impossible to use web page for payment

Hello representative,


I am the current Comcast Business user with AutoPay option.

There has been no issue on payment itself.

However, I have very frustrating experience on managing my payment option.


At the beginning of the service, I remember that I was using web page for managing all payment.

After refreshing my contract, I was asked to use for the payment while I manage the other options of my account on web page.


The problem is that I cannot access to now.

I initially registered to this web site without any issue.

However, my account information is not accepted in this website anymore.

Even though I retrieved my User ID through the same web site. I couldn't reset my password because it says "Your authentication has failed. Please try again or contact us for more information." when I put my User ID, Account Number and E-mail address.


Please fix it so that I can manage my payment information without any issue.

It is very frustrating and inconvenient process. I am always confused on why I need to handle two "payment" portal separately and get different account information(one for payment center, the other for Comcast Business portal) for the same service.

And please let me manage my payment information as well as service control on a single web page.


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Re: Impossible to use web page for payment


Hi kidbear.


I can certainly assist with your payment issue. I will need your information in a private message to look into this issue. Please private message me your first and last name, the name of your business, the full address of the business location and the phone number associated with your business account. 

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