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I'm in need of a local Comcast Branch Manager

I've been trying for 3 months now (90 DAYS!!!) to get my comcast rep to get all of my 12 locations scheduled for the same day. Here it is again, 2 days before the install and the porting department kicks back 2 of my stores. I just don't understand how there can be so much lack of communication between departments at Comcast!!!!!! I told my rep on this last try, if he can't get it done with all store on the same day just to cancel all orders. Sure enough, 2 days before the cut over to comcast, I get a call from the porting department saying 2 stores were kicked back and required a new phone bill. The worst part about this whole thing is my rep said he was not going to let the inside people handle this as they have screwed this up 2 months in a row. Now what? Right now all orders have been canceled. This is not a small order but how can so many people be incompetent!!!!!

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