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I am now being charged for cable equipment that I have NEVER HAD

I am very frustrated in the bait and switch of Comcast.  When setting up comcast initally for our small non profit, we only needed internet service.  The pricing for internet/cable was half the price of the internet alone due to "promotional pricing".  Of course we took the combined package to save $.  The internet alone woule have been $250/mo for an office with 4 people!  When setting up the service we did not want a cable box/remote as we do not have any televisions in our small office and never intended (and still have never used) the cable service.


I am now being charged for cable box/remote and I DO NOT HAVE THE EQUIPMENT AND NEVER HAVE.  


When I called Comcast, I was told that regardless of whether or not we have the physical cable equipment, per our contract Comcast can charge us.  Since when can a company charge for equipment that we have never had?  I have never heard of such an absurd claim to be in our contract and I am sure I would not find that in our contract!  When you have modems, cable boxes, remotes, etc. you are charged for the equipment that you are leasing, not equipment that is non existent!!!!!


I am going to file a complaint against Comcast but am appealing to the Comcast representative that monitors this thread do intervene and have the charges removed from our account.  

Thank you.

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Re: I am now being charged for cable equipment that I have NEVER HAD


Hi hsullivan and welcome to the business forums.


It is regretful to hear about your experience. I'll be glad to review the account and your equipment concerns. I'll need your account information in a private message. Please private message me your first and last name, the name of your business, the full address of your business location and the phone number associated with your business services. 

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