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How do I file a compaint?????

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How do I file a compaint?????

I spoke with a representative about filing a complaint and never received his email containing a link to file????  You've adjusted my Equipment Fee when my contract clearly states the equipment fee is set for 2 years.  I can't find anything in the Terms of Agreement to state otherwise! 

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Re: How do I file a complaint?????

Welcome kb.  Sorry to hear that you have not received the requested follow up.  The terms of your contract are not impacted by this change to the equipment fee.  Article 3.1 of the Terms & Conditions address charges and billing.

Business customers can contact us directly @ 1-800-391-3000


Thank You

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Re: How do I file a complaint?????

Excellent. Will anything be done, or will this be treated like every other issue I've attempted to get comcast to resolve???

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Re: How do I file a compaint?????

My name is Ana Cuenca and I am a general Manager for Cuenca Cigars. If you are a business and want to get Comcast, this is my personal Experience. My company is been a customer since we open back in 2006 and this is what we have got.


I called comcast to disconect my TV services on March 18 and till today I have not able to do it. The funny part I have not had Comcast Service sinse February 2014 and I am still paying for it.


I contact Comcast and was been help by Kenneth Dogan ( he sent to me a Docusign Document that I signed and returned back to him. He also schedulled for me the Equipment Return. I returned the equipment as well. Got CR numbers for everything. I called last month and a super disrespectfull, inapropiated representative from Comcast which also refused to tranfer me to any manager or superior, told me YOU HAVE TO PAY YOUR BILL. My complaint was based on the fact that not equipment is intalled in our business for over two months. I got very upset but felt sorry for that guy that is working a job he hates.... anyway.... I paid the bill last month. a few days ago I got my new bill. The TV service is still there. I called and the first rep I got was Edward at 1:25 pm. I explained to him, gave him all my References Numbers and he said to hold on. I hold it for a relative extensive period of time. He finally said he needed to tranfer me to the another department. So, I was tranfered to Michelle at 1:56 pm. She gave me another ref number. She said, on March 18 I was supouse to sign a document called Voluntary Disconection and I never did. I got all the documents from Kenneth, I received everything, signed and returned everything but very conveniently I was missing another document..... from another department and the sistem shows I got it (I DID NOT besides, when I called back to see the status of this painfull disconection no one ever mention that to me) Like I say, I have plenty Reference Numbers and recorded phone calls that will prove everything I am saying.


I said to her, ok, I sign the document but the bill need to reflect all this time I been without service..... No Way, you pay the bill again and then we'll see what we can do. I said, can I talk to someone, she said ok, I'll tranfer you to the billing department and discopnected me.


OMG! Economy time are dificult for everyone but been Comcast a Super Corporation and is always talking about been there for small busness I dont think that's what the do. so sorry. I want to do something. There must be something a company could do to complaint and to get an stupid disconect resolved....


Can you please tell me what to do. 

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Re: Need copy of my contract

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