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How Can i GO on a MONTH TO MONTH contract.

So my sales rep has been MIA and I need to go on a Month to Month contract.  I need this Done since my contract will be up soon.  I do not want to Resign for 2 or 3 year contract and I do not want faster Speeds.  Nothing in your website has anything on how to get on a month to month contract.  I am a Metro E Fiber customer and pay over 30 grand a month for services.  There has to be something some one can do.  This is rediculouse.  




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Re: How Can i GO on a MONTH TO MONTH contract.


Hi JoseOli and welcome to the business forums.


I can certainly assist with your billing concerns. Please private message me your first and last name, the name of your business, the full address of your business location and the phone number associated with your business account.

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