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Here is how Comcast Fails

So, I have been a Comcast Business user for five years.

At one point I lived in Seattle and had a standard two agreement.

Then moved to Portland and initiated a three year agreement.


Now here comes the part were Comcast just doesn't get customer service.

We had just sold our house in Portland and moved back to Seattle.

Unfornately our contract expires in May 31. So about two months left to pay. 


Currently we are living in a temporary condo, owned by some friends and can't move our service there. 

So now I am stuck paying for two months of service I can't use or transfer until we get a permantely place (about 2 to 3 months).

I had every intention of moving service, but find it disturbing that the last two months can't be waived.


I pleaded my case, and was told sorry I am out of luck; that I have to pay two months services I can't even use. 

So now I am put in a bad place. Why would I want to enable service when I finally do move; and why would I want to recommend Comcast to anyone? It is strange that Comcast would fight over two more months of payment than wanting to continue to have a customer in the furture. But as the Comcast guy said, I signed a contract. 

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Re: Here is how Comcast Fails

Tell them this story when you are thinking of signing a new contract. They can promise you the world, but it has to be in original contract. Maybe ask for one month free instead of two, to show you are flexible and reasonable. If they won't. Tell them you will warn everyone in your blof how they behave. Just a thought.
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