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Help! Canceling existing Business Account required to add residential account services? What?


Hopefully someone -a comcast rep either residential or business- can answer my questions regarding why I have to cancel my business account to get residential TV service.

My account is, and always has been in good standing with CC. I'm a developer. I  have a rack of servers in my living room.

My account started as residential, but had to switch to business when I added a static block of IP addresses to my inet service.

Now in order to add xfinity tv, or any residential product, I am told have to cancel my existing business account, and open a new residential account in order to restore the cable tv package (or similar) I had 5 years ago. 

I don't want to drop my static block...but I'll find a work around if I have to. If I cancel my business service it will remain cancelled. I certainly cannot trust Comcast Businessclass with important traffic/data!  Blowing away email/server access on the comcast side is NEVER acceptable in this era of cloud computing.


Comcast Business made back end changes to my account...I have been told that I can't have residential service ie residential phone, tv, and alarm in my apartment at the same time I have a business account.  Excluding the price of the static IP block and required business gateway, I'm paying a 100 more a month for broadband at 75dwn than I would be for 105 down with xfinity TV deluxe package thrown in with the deal. 


Why am I dealing with CC business if they don't do as promised...technical calls set up by level one support trouble tickets/ resolution are not returned by Level2 tech support.  A comcast provided business gateway router burned up,  three emergency service appointments were scheduled by level one to replace the router were cancelled without informing me- because I'm not a store front business and when the maintenace subcontractor in the area saw residential address the priority was bumped.
I had three free domains with email/sharepoint (and exchange 2007)...those were blown away early last month Feb 10th,  I lost access to the comcast business portal, had to rebuild my account...then I lost all three Comcast Hosted domains last Thursday when I requested that a parking domain be removed so I could use now all three domains/starter pages, web mail are gone-and I can only set up ONE new goes on and on...packet loss, slow ping high jitter, B-Class network service, slower than advertised speeds...(glad I host my own servers for important stuff).

Every business sales and accounting person I talk to has a different story...Residential has bandwidth metering and 250g caps and I need to move about 5T before I cancel my account.  Maybe TW merger would help CC restructure, they are so fragmented the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.,,and the feet deny the existence of hands altogether.




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Re: Help! Canceling existing Business Account required to add residential account services? What?

I am sorry for your troubles. You seem like a legit dude. I hope Comcast helps you, for their own sake!

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