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HELP! CB says service is and is not available, wants to charge me a disconnect fee

Good morning,


I called on Monday to move my existing Comcast Business service to a new address. Comcast Business' own website ( says service is available at my address. I've taken screenshots for my own records and can send them 1:1 if needed.


On Tuesday, customer service called me to say that CB ran a site survey and doesn't service the area. I was transferred to Retentions, who told me that I'd have to cancel my contract and be stuck with a ***mind-exploding*** early termination fee. The CB sales rep I originally opened my account with in 2013 explicitly told me that CB would waive any early termination and disconnection fees if I had to relocate outside of the Comcast service area.


To recap, CS, Sales and Retention have now told me:


- CB offers service at my address

- CB doesn't offer service at my address

- CB will charge me a huge fee for moving

- CB won't charge me a huge fee for moving


I'm choosing to believe this is an honest set of mistakes and that everyon will do the right thing in the end.


Can a rep help straighten this out, preferably without pushing me into bankruptcy?

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