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Forum Purpose / Execution

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Forum Purpose / Execution

To me, a forum is a place to share information so that I can handle situations on my own.  It seems that with almost every question asked in this forum, the user is asked to send their information in to have something looked into. Or, the user is told to call the toll-free number for support.


As a benefit to the users of these forums, and also to yourselves, make the information available. Perhaps add a "Sticky" section of popular topics to the top so people don't have to search through pages of information to find answers to simple questions.


I know more than likely this post will get deleted, but I hope it at least plants a seed.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Forum Purpose / Execution



We appreciate your feedback. We agree with you that most questions and answers should remain in the public forum in order to better serve other members with similar concerns. However, due to account security reasons, we are required to handle certain issues via private message. This includes if we need to verify an account or to discuss account specific details. 


Again, we appreciate your feedback and will continue to do our best to keep most conversations public, if we can. If you have any questions that you would like to have addressed we always recommend that you post publicly and we will do everything we can to resolve it as quickly and do our best to keep it public. 


Thanks again.



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