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Firefighters Stuck in a lie of a Contract and gouged for billing.



 Please Note :Comcast installs basic cable to all the Fire Stations in the City of Little Rock as a courtesy to the city. We have no control over that service or the internet the city uses for its services,. This Letter has nothing to do with the agreement between COmcast and the City of Little Rock Goverment nor the Administration of the Little Rock Fire Department.


This letter is to complain about service we recently received from the Comcast Cable customer service representatives here in Little Rock Ar. We called Comcast Cable on December 2, 2012, to find out how to install a residential service to a Fire Station for the firefighters that live here.  If the Firefighters at the station want anything above and beyond the basic service the city provides we have to pay for it ourselves out of our own pockets.

            The Fire Station is a home to us. We live here a third of our lives. Eat, Sleep, wash our clothes, take care of one another and the citizens. We are away from our families during this time, some of us live many miles from home. Life does not stop because we are away. We still have families and children to attend to while we are away. When we come to our second home we need to access to internet and TV to help stay in contact with our families, conduct personal business, and to help pass the time or to watch a major event like our favorite football teams. We are home when we are here. We do not conduct business from the Fire Station it is where we live while we do our jobs.

            Up until December of 2012 Comcast allowed us to have a Residential Service at all the Fire Stations. We were able to get residential internet and residential TV with movie packages without have to sign up for a Business account. This was very convenient because some stations only have 3 people a day at them and it’s hard to muster up enough money for the Business Account Price with no Business Income coming in. The price is outrages for a residential use.

            The problem we now face is that Comcast refuses to let our new Fire Station located at 4500 Rahling Road Little Rock, Ar 72223 have a residential account. We had a Representative come out to us and give us a contract that we signed telling us we would have to stay on the Business Side but he would make sure it all worked out liked the residential. After many days of argument and protest we had no choice but to accept the Contract with the stipulation that the Movie Packages and Sports Packages would be added. Contract signed and then the installation began.

            The service was not correct from day one. No Movie Packages and nor Sports. They kept referring us to a business and not residential but told us we could only get Movies and Sports on residential and not Business. This went on for hours upon hours upon days. Finally, they made us cancel the TV side and they did it behind the curtains and got us another account number under Business Class with the TV Movie packages, Sports and HD that we wanted but we could not change it or modify it the way it was set up because it was still listed under Business. All seemed to work with a big piece of Duct Tape on it.

            The internet service we have under the Business was never right. It keeps cutting out getting over loaded, it doesn’t reach all around the station and is just horrible. So we made a decision to call and complain. We were informed there was nothing they could do and that within the year they are going to make all the Fire Stations switch to a Business Class Account and cancel all the residential services. This is totally a slap in the face of all the public service workers living away from home while they do their jobs.

            We were outraged!! We called other companies and found ATT U-Verse will give us every thing they have available in HD with DVR and On Demand plus Internet for less than the mid Business Package we have now, because it would be installed a a residence! Comcast has better service no doubt but only if we could get the residential rate. At Business Class Pricing we have no choice but to switch and advise all Fire Stations and Ambulance Stations and Police Stations to do the same.

            Comcast claims they are for the public and for helping out our communities but the firefighters here at the Little Rock Fire Department have had nothing but horrible service and price gouging of our members by your company. To top it all off we now have to pay for a internet service for the next three years because they are locking us into our Business Contract that wasn’t set up right to begin with. It is one sided. We got screwed and you are still getting your money. It is worth it to us to pay the next three years at the lowest rate for service we are not going to use and then cancel than to deal with Comcast again.

            We sincerely hope this letter makes it to the CEO and any other board member so that you can understand the frustration and anger we have toward dealing with Comcast here locally. If you could get us back to a residential rate we would come back immediately. But until then, we are never looking your way again. We are going to release the treatment of our Fire Department Members by Comcast and its Price Gouging and Lies from its Sales Reps to the Media if we do not get a response from your company regarding this issue.

We expected a much higher level of service from your company, and I am quite disappointed. Because we do not want to spend any more time on this problem, we are cancelling everything we can immediately.


The Firefighters of the Little Rock Fire Department.

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