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Feeling Jaded and Really Ticked Off

I have been calling and fighting for months, and now my service is going to be terminated on the 14th of March. All because over $180 in credit has disappeared from my account, of which I am told you have no record of. Is this seriously the way you do business, give credits out, and then not honor them by removing them from the account, and basically calling the customer a liar?


Because if this is the way the Business Division of Comcast is treating its customers no wonder people are switching to other services because of this kind of bullcrap customer service and shady business practices.


I want to know where my credits have gone that were on my account, and I want this rectified. I only ended up past due because someone at comcast devided I wasn't worthy of the credits I recieved because of shoddy tech not doing thier jobs to fix issues I was having, and for disrespecting me in my own home, and for destroying my private property! And now I'm being penalized because of this, how is this even serving the customer, and trying to retain a customer?


I want answers and a satisfactory resolution before the 14th of March, Or I will be going to the media, as well as the EFF and the FCC with my complaints, and I may just end up getting ahold of the President of Comcasts Office to resolve this, as I feel I am being cheated and defrauded of credits that should have never been removed from my account in the first place.

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Re: Feeling Jaded and Really Ticked Off

Hello Michealm,


I'm very sorry to hear about this situation. So we can investigate your issue can you please send me a private message with your account number and any ticket numbers you have referencing your credit?


Thank you  

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