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FORMER Comcast Business Client

I have been a Comcast business customer since 2010. During this time we have moved offices 2 times. Unfortunately on one of the moves Comcast never closed out the old location account and kept billing to an empty location. We were unaware of this until I received a call from a collection agency. It took 2 phone calls to Comcast to get the problem fixed, however nothing was done to remedy the credit blemish that I received due to this oversight from Comcast. Nevertheless, I continued to be a loyal Comcast customer. A few months later I realize that Comcast had been billing me for extra equipment that I didn't have and wasn't in use. I called 3 times before that issue was finally remedied. Each time the representative informed me that the issue would be taken care of and it wasn't. 
So, that brings us to now. We are again moving offices, however, this time just to the other side of our building. I called Comcast business to ask what options they had for us, indicating that I was contemplating switching to another provider given our horrible experiences with Comcast in the past. My options were to resign a 2yr or 3yr contract, which we don't want. I asked for a 12month contract and was informed that it's a $199 fee if I chose that option. I asked if they could wave the fee since we had been through such a terrible experience in the past, and the representative explained that there was nothing he could do. Given the options, we chose to terminate our Comcast business service.
This is not the ideal way to treat your business customers. We could have and should have been much more vocal at the time of all the incidents and demanded compensation, but we chose to be understanding of the oversights. In general, customer service for Comcast Business has been lukewarm at best. We are repeatedly made to feel that we are a disposable client, so unfortunately we are leaving Comcast Business. We are not the only clients that are having difficulties, the rest of the business tenants in our building have also had awful results from Comcast Business both service and technical. 
My goal of this email is to inform you of the terrible customer service and care that we have received despite our continued loyalty. Comcast has received a reputation that they are the only game in town and that as a customer you have to deal with their short comings. No more.