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 A Comcast Business Account Executive signed me up for service in March, and on the back of his business card, he wrote that I would receive a $100 credit on my second month bill. Well, five months have now passed and I STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED IT! That is despite talking to him and numerouse supposed customer "service" people! I FINALLY received a promised credit last month for a disconnection charge that I had received when I changed from my previous carrier to Comcast - all on the promise of receiving these credits. I talked to at least three customer service agents about that credit before it was finally credited. However, the same person who finally gave me that credit told me several lies, just like all of the other ones I had spoken with before. Supposedly, she had credited, removed, or blocked late charges that I was receiving because I was holding my payment to Comcast until I received Comcast's payment to me. A representative told me today that she doesn't see any late charges removed. Of course, the same person who said she had taken care of the late charges also said she would contact me within a few days about the missing $100 credit. HMMMMMMM, I STILL HAVEN'T HEARD FROM HER!!!!!! I have heard from another Comcast bill collector however, wanting to me pay my latest charges and THE LATE FEES! (I had paid some charges based on the promises that my problems were finally being resolved - what a big mistake!)


Well, now here is my bill to Comcast - $100 + 5 months of late charges for YOU BEING LATE PAYING WHAT YOU PROMISED + 4 to 5 months of late charges you have charged me while I have been waiting for you to resolve my issues. When I have a problem with something I purchased with a credit card, the credit card company tells me I don't have to pay the charge until the issue is resolved. Comcast, however, doesn't bother resolving the issues - you just continue to charge your customers. I should charge you an hourly charge for all the time I have spent talking to all of you and the hour or more that I spent today trying to get to the place so I could post this message.


You have been wanting me to refer other businesses to you. Well, unless you resolve this issue right away, I WILL DEFINITELY LET OTHER BUSINESSES KNOW ABOUT THE REDICULOUS CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE RECEIVED FROM YOU! I WILL POST THE IMAGE OF MY PROOF OF THE CREDIT PROMISED TO ME AS WELL. (scroll down to see both sides of the card I received months ago when I signed up) I wouldn't want any other small business owner to lose valuable money and time dealing with a disreputable company!Comcast Business Card Front.jpgComcast Business Card Back.jpg