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Extending Contract Expiration Date

We have been in contact with the Comcast customer service and loyalty departments numerous times this year.  We have been trying to resolve a problem caused by the extension of our contract termination date from May 2017 to May 2019.  We are a long time Comcast customer.


In May 2016 we moved our offices across the hall.  However, we continue to receive our mail at the very same suite number as the two years before May 2016.  As a result of moving across the hall, our service was moved about 15 feet.


Because we found a much less expensive alternative, we had decided to transfer our phone service to a new provider sometime before the May 2017 contract termination date.  Our new phone provider provided us with a new phone number and we discontinued using Comcast services.  Soon thereafter we received a Comcast bill for early termination based on a May 2019 termination date.  We did not realize that moving across the hall would trigger an extended termination date. 


After several phone conversations with the Comcast customer service department earlier this year, we come to believe that a payment of $200 would resolve the early termination problem.  So we paid $200.....which to our surprise again extended the termination date (to September 2019) and did not fix our early termination problem.  The last Comcast bill we received indicated that we owned nearly $6,000.


Discussions with the Comcast loyalty department has got us nowhere.  I have asked twice for an address where I can send a formal complaint, but to no avail.  So, I am registering my complaint in this forum to see if I can get relief.


This contract extension trick is a hidden expense that is deceptive.  Our current provider has no contract termination fees at all.  


If I don't get any response to this forum post, then I will try sending a complaint to the city of Denver as franchise authority.

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