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Email Accounts not transferring from residential to business

Comcast offers very poor customer service when it comes to transitioning from a residential account to a business account.  My wife and I have 5 email accounts that all of a sudden were deleted.  I switched my home internet to business to provide faster and more reliable internet connections.  We run several online businesses from our home.  The sales department or the technician failed to mention or perhaps missed the step of transferring our email accounts over to our business account.  So now when other businesses or clients send an email to one of our 5 accounts they get an error saying "Delivery to the following recipient failed permantely".  This is now costing us to potentially loose money.  We called 6 times and now have 5 CR numbers.  Each time I called the representatives closed the previous CR tickets. So now we are waiting for Tier 2 to make the transfer.  Again, this is extremely poor customer service.  For someone who has been with comcast for many years, I have to plan to no longer be a customer.