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EcoBilling Improvement

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EcoBilling Improvement

I find it interesting that when we select EcoBill to receive our bills digitally, we only get an email with a link back to our account where we still have to click through and find our bill. This takes our AP clerk more time than to just have a paper invoice drop on their desk.

Comcast's bill delivery is just a bid counter-productive.


I ask that you include a PDF copy of the invoice in the email or unique weblinks to the digital file.  If privacy is a question, the electric company password protects the PDF with the zip code. Our fuel card service sends us links that go directly to the PDF files stored on their server. I would be more concerned about someone getting our fuel card info than someone finding out how they can pay my internet bill.


I also don't see a need for the invoice to be 4 pages. 1 or 2 pages would be sufficient if you can make it work out.

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Re: EcoBilling Improvement


Hi FES and welcome to the business forums.


Thanks for sharing thoughts on EcoBilling. Your concerns are important and definitely here for review as well. I'll make sure your feedback is also reviewed. Please let me know if you need anything.