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Early Termination Please?

ETF - so my internet has been having issues since 9/6/2017 way before Hurricane Irma came through... so far I've had 4 Techs come by and our service still goes in and out with major packet loss.


I was in AWS redshift training from 9/5-9/7 and I missed 9/6 because of internet going out.... not happy about that.


I work remote and its very difficult to do work when the internet continues to go out, I've already filed a BBB complaint and I am tired of calling support because nothing gets resolved and I keep getting the run around. But HEY! I still pay my bill on time... for services i cant use.


If the problem still is occuring by 9/29, im going to another ISP that can actually provide me a STABLE internet.


@Customer Service yall have my information if you want to discuss this further feel free to reach out to me.


@Comcast Leadership --- this is 100% unacceptable.

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Re: Early Termination Please?


Hi Scott_O and welcome to the support forums. 


I would like to assist with the issues you're experiencing regarding your internet services. Please private message me your account number and the name of your business. 

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