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Download limits?



I recently switched to Comcast Business Class, as my business runs out of my home. We transfer a lot of files with our website and distributors. I moved my Internet and Phone to Comcast Business, but left my home TV on Comcast Residential.


When I was on residential, I would get popups telling me I was closing in or over my available limit. I was told I was allowedto go over this limit up to 3 times per year, but after that I would be charged for the overage.


It was my understanding that Comcast Business does not have this limit. But last night and this morning, I received the pop up again. Last night is said I was at 90% and today it went to 100%. I have not been able to get any help from my Comcast Business rep.


So before I call and siton hold for hours or be transferred many times, does anyone else get this popup on business class?


I appreciate your time.



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Re: Download limits?

Welcome, JK.  There are no download limits for our Business customers. Please send me a private message (PM) with the account number and I will engage the Regional Support Center for assistance.


Thank You

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