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Double billed since 2013


To whom it may concern;


I have called Comcast I think about 6 or more times regarding a double billing of my accounts. Each time I’ve been told “everything is taken care of and you will receive your check in the mail in about 6 to 8 weeks. To date no check. Occasionally they ask about a modem that the tech left. Sometimes they say don’t worry about it and other times they say it needs to be returned. I ask them to send a box to return the modem and they say no problem. Never got a box.


Here are the details.




XXXX Blue Spruce Ln


Aurora, IL 60502




Original account no. 877120060103XXX residential account converted to business account in Sept 2013


New account no. 87712006060141XXXX business account.


Both accounts were billed to my credit card until about $1,000 had accumulated, excluding interest.


Some of the first calls to Comcast was to get the double billing stopped.






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