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I OPENED A new small business. I only needed phone and internet a rep of com cast said i had to have a bundle package. Now I'm stuck with a bundle package that has Increased EVERY month significantly! 


I'm tired of Comcast and the over pricing and lying representatives.I want out of my 3 year contract so the rep states that my internet would be $150 monthly! Comcast is a big JOKE!...internet monthly packages are $69 monthly. I never at my office because I travel.





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Re: Dissatisfied

We closed our Pittsburg office at the end of September and I tried to call to confirm that we were cancelling our service.  Every time I stated "Cancel service", I was disconnected.  I understand that the system works by automated prompts, but I'm not wasting my time dealing with Comcast's no human customer service.  When I asked to speak to a representative, same results.  I've paid our last invoice - they can bill us all they want.  Maybe a human being will call when future  invocies aren't paid.


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