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Discrimination Against Businesses Forced to Close Due to the Economy

I operated a small internet retail store from my home from March 1, 2009 to July 31, 2012, when I was forced to close it due to the failing economy. I had internet and one phone and one fax line. Of course, I also have phone, internet and digital cable (two TVs) at this location. In the first place, I did not know in advance that I would be closing. Now I find out that the renewal issue is in effect and I must pay for eight more months of service I no longer need. I find this very distressing for three reasons: first, my business has been forced to close - I did not go to another provider or move my location; second, I have service from you for my personal phone, cable and television needs at a substantial cost; and third, and most significant, I have had terrible sporadic reception for all three services, including those for the business, for the entire time you have been our provider although we have always been charged full price. Just check our service record.


Please tell my why I should not bring these matters to the attention the KCIT, the King County Department of Information Technology.


Jann H

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Re: Discrimination Against Businesses Forced to Close Due to the Economy

Sorry to hear that your business had to close Jann, but based on what you said, you are four months into your renewed contract. I say contact Comcast sales and tell them your situation.